U.s. Commission accuses bush administration of approving torture

u.s. commission accuses bush administration of approving torture

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 11. September 2001, according to an investigation, they tortured suspects with the knowledge and approval of the government at the time. In addition, in many cases, interrogation techniques were used that included cruel, inhumane and degrading practices. This is the conclusion of a bipartisan commission of U.S. Democrats and republicans in a 577-page report released on tuesday (local time). The main focus was on the government of george W. Bush.

The methods used ranged from sleep deprivation and non-stop interrogation to waterboarding, or simulated drowning. Both torture and inhumane interrogation techniques "violate U.S. Laws and international treaties," panel writes. "Such conduct was directly contrary to the values of the (u.S.) constitution and our nation.

"The ultimate responsibility for this lies with the highest U.S. Government officials who directly approved or did nothing to stop it.

Torture is undeniable, commission finds after two years of studying public documents. Never before have there been such detailed discussions between a president (george W. Bush) and his top advisers on the use and legitimacy of torture, such as after the 11. September. The aim was to make suspected terrorists talk. But there is no convincing evidence that the widespread use of brutal torture methods yielded significant information. On the contrary, "there is substantial evidence that many of the … Information … Unreliable were.".

The eleven members of the commission investigated the U.S. Government’s actions in iraq, afghanistan, and the guantanamo detention center in cuba. They also looked at the disappearance of terror suspects into secret CIA detention facilities. Among others, germany, great britain, italy, sweden, agypt, syria, jordan and morocco had admitted cooperation in the so-called renditions. These had been unjustified and counterproductive and had damaged the U.S.’S reputation, it says.

The commission lists numerous individual examples of the methods used to "break" suspected terrorists. According to the report, the arsenal ranged from techniques that had already been made public, such as sleep deprivation, weeks of solitary confinement in complete darkness or nudity, continuous music, ice-cold water showers and threats from guard dogs, to permanent interrogation. In one case, a man had been interrogated for 20 hours every day for seven consecutive weeks.

Report also denounces waterboarding of alleged mastermind of 11/11 attacks. September, khaled sheikh mohammed an. 183 times he was subjected to this torture. "Even though the interrogators told KSM that he would not be allowed to die, he was brought to the brink of death and then brought back again."

The terms of office of president bill clinton and barack obama were also examined, but the main focus was on bush’s administration. The commission was set up by the constitution project think tank.

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