Together they continue to shape, preserve and develop our precious heritage

Together they continue to shape, preserve and develop our precious heritage

Providing material and non-material support is the purpose of the association forderer der coburger landesstiftung, said hans-herbert hartan at the annual general meeting. In his report, the chairman devoted a great deal of attention to the development of membership over the past few years. Four new members were recruited in 2013 and 2014, eight in 2015 and nine in 2016. A year later, there were only three members, but in 2018 again a pleasing eleven people who had registered with the claimants of the state foundation. Hartan reported that christina vatke was the newest member.

After the great fundraising campaign in 2016 to secure the keep on the fortress and make it visible, the opening of the new artillery museum in 2017 and, of course, the bavarian state exhibition "knights, peasants and lutherans" 2017 had last year the opening of the new exhibition rooms "historical glass" was the centerpiece of the art collections and the tenth anniversary of the museum of modern glass in rosenau, hans-herbert hartan recalled. A sensational rembrandt exhibition was also on display at veste coburg.

Glass objects by holler

For the art collections, the claimants of the coburg state foundation were able to support the purchase of two glass objects. This reported hartan further. These were works of art by the artist franz xaver holler. So far, the art collections have had seven of his objects in their collection, of which the "balloon IV" is the centerpiece of the art collections protruding. The three objects from 2016 now span an arc to his early objects and closed a larger gap in the existing collection, which belonged to the area of cut glass. "The two very special objects will find a place in the permanent exhibition", said hartan.

Six special exhibitions were shown in the natural history museum in 2018, reported director carsten ritzau. According to ritzau, 25 lectures were held, partly in cooperation with the coburg adult education center, which were attended by an average of 58 guests. In addition, more than 166 museum educational events, 55 children’s birthday parties and 14 events as part of vacation programs took place, said ritzau. Last year 28 671 visitors were registered in the natural history museum. This means that the result of the previous year, in which the museum obviously benefited from the national exhibition, could not quite be achieved.

The director of the art collections, sven hauschke, reported on the small integrated "studio", which enables the art collections to provide multifaceted insights into the museum’s work. Individual objects, small areas of the collection, new acquisitions and restoration projects were presented in alternating presentations. Until 21. In july, blank weapons from indonesia were exhibited.

After 18 years of voluntary work as second treasurer, veronika pittroff did not stand for re-election. Hans-herbert hartan and mayor norbert tessmer expressed their gratitude for this commitment. Under the leadership of tessmer, the board of directors was elected for the next three years. The city’s leader and also chairman of the state foundation emphasized that the state foundation is not a relic from the old days, but is eternally young. She continues to shape, preserve and develop the precious heritage of the game. Tessmer recalled the museum night, when 12,000 people visited ehrenburg, the museum and the art collections in just six hours. Des

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