Prosiebensat.1 cooperates with sony online

According to the company, the broadcasting group secured the exclusive european licenses for eight online games from the american game developer, including "star wars: clone wars adventures" and "everquest II". Prosiebensat.1 has long relied on the net as a source of income, alongside advertising-financed TV, for example with online games, but also with platforms such as edarling.

Christian wegner, the member of the board of management responsible for the stadium, sees the games in particular as a growth driver. Money can be earned on the net mainly through so-called digital items, digital objects that players can buy for real money – from manure for the virtual farm to swords for their own knights. Of the eight million users of prosiebensat.1games only a small part, says head of games subsidiary prosiebensat.1 games, achim kaspers. But if customers were willing to pay, they would invest an average of between 15 and 50 euros per month, depending on the game.

The managers are also targeting young customers, who are often more secure on the internet. For minors, however, the games provide for a limit of 60 euros per month – to protect the parents from unpleasant surprises, because payment is usually made via the phone bill. At the moment, the group’s revenue from online games is still in the double-digit millions. By 2015, sales are expected to exceed the 100 million mark. All in all, the television group wants to generate additional sales of 750 million euros by 2015.

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