Light of faith shines for everyone

Light of faith shines for everyone

40 days of christmas lasted into the 70s. The 2. February thus formed the conclusion of the christmas festival cycle. Only then were the christmas trees disposed of. This belongs to the past. But the feast of the candlemas, with its consecration of candles and procession of lights, is still an integral part of the catholic church year.
The biblical background is the tradition that mary and joseph, in accordance with the provisions of judaic law, offered and consecrated a newborn son to god 40 days after his birth as thanks for the gift of the child. "What mary and joseph promised in the temple, your parents also promised at your baptism: to be ready to serve god and mankind out of gratitude for the gift of a child, dean kilian kemmer explained the holiday gospel to the many children.
Often the lights go out in people's lives because the darkness of a stroke of fate, a serious illness, a natural catastrophe or the darkness of self-responsible guilt and sin take hold, says kilian kemmer. According to the dean, the symbolism of the light of the feast day of light should remind us that the light of faith, which was first symbolically lit at the baptism on the baptismal candle, never goes out. "The darkness increases in the life of many people sometimes in such a way that the light is hardly perceived any more."

Light emanates from god

But no matter whether you believe or not, this light of faith, which emanates from god, shines for everyone, kemmer said. 

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