“I like being in the armed forces.”

Holger wachter has "had a good time in the german armed forces" so far and begins "every working day with joy". The 36-year-old master sergeant and professional soldier is the platoon leader of the detection and operations platoon at the third company of the logistics battalion 467 of the german army from volkach, the sponsor company of the city of habfurt. At the company christmas party in the town hall in habfurt, he told of his experiences in the german armed forces and the challenges of the german armed forces reform that affect him.

Holger wachter from steinberg near kronach was called up for nine months of basic military service in january 1997 after completing his training as a bricklayer. He completed his basic training in ellwangen and did the rest of his military service in veitshochheim and ebern. "Already at the end of my education I knew that I wanted to become a professional soldier", he says. "Because the work in the bundeswehr is interesting and varied and the camaraderie is right, I have not regretted it to this day."

He was particularly interested in the logistical field, which is how he ended up with the third company of logistics battalion 467. Here he is responsible as a train driver for materials planning and the handling equipment group, and also works as a forklift trainer and sliding instructor. To make sure his family life doesn’t come up short, he goes home to his wife in steinberg every wednesday after work and spends every weekend with her, if possible.

The fact that his battalion has received an order from the nato response force (NRF) as of january 2013 and will have to go on standby for foreign deployments does not scare him. "Whenever I was called upon, I would, in accordance with our battalion motto "fidus et fortis (reliable and strong) to face my tasks", he explains. However, since the battalion’s second company has the NRF mission and only 30 soldiers from the third company were needed, holger wachter did not come into action.

Ten years ago, he had already been deployed abroad: in kabul in afghanistan. "It was an interesting and beautiful time, because the comradeship was excellent", he says. As a transshipment group leader with the rank of sergeant major in what was then the godfather company of the town of habfurt, the third company of supply battalion 102 from ebern, he was entrusted with various tasks in afghanistan: managing the refueling station, in the transshipment group and in material disposition. "Back then everything was very spartan. We had only a former building yard at our disposal, where the staff was housed, and we slept in tents", he reported. "First we had to set up our camp, the "camp warehouse", secure, as the threat from the taliban was very high."

One of the tasks of the german soldiers was to train the army of afghanistan. What he remembers most are the relief operations for the population," he said. "We soldiers had stuffed animals, toys, drawing and writing materials sent to us from home and distributed them with food in schools and kindergartens." The people there were very open-minded, friendly and grateful for the donations.

Asked about his future, holger wachter explains that his reference and operations platoon will be split up. Because he then only the "cell disposition" the number of soldiers for whom he is responsible is reduced from 23 to eight. He himself will then only be a squad leader, but expects a new duty post after the reorganization. "I like being in the armed forces because I can combine commercial and military tasks", he emphasizes. Before the end of the year, he will receive two voluntary conscripts, who will serve in the armed forces for another five and 21 months respectively after their two months of training. "The goal is to win them over for a longer period of time", described the sergeant major.

The battalion itself is in "full sprint", as the commander, lieutenant colonel dirk bollinger, announced in habfurt. It must be until the 1. January 2013 to establish operational capability for the NRF. "We do not yet have a mission for turkey (the NATO council has approved ankara’s request to deploy patriot missiles to protect against a possible air attack from syria), but it is a possible option." Furthermore, the german armed forces are in a state of flux and no stone is left unturned at the combat base. "But our battalion has a future and I am sure that we can keep them all", the commander addressed the soldiers and praised their achievements this year. "You can look forward to 2013 with optimism", bollinger gave encouragement.

The deputy company commander, captain sebastian dreyer, thanked the sponsoring town of habfurt and its associations, which had supported the company energetically in every respect. "We can proudly look forward to the next year, when we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of our partnership with the city of habfurt."
"Our sponsorship is alive and well, and you can feel it at every meeting", the mayor of habfurt, rudi eck, was pleased.

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