Harrison ford causes incident with small plane

Harrison ford causes incident with small plane

Hollywood star and amateur pilot harrison ford (77) has caused another incident with his small plane.

Ford crossed the runway of a small airport in los angeles in his small plane after misunderstanding an instruction from the air traffic controller, a spokesman for the actor told U.S. Media reports on thursday night. But another plane was doing a landing maneuver, according to the FAA, and the two planes were about 1000 meters apart.

Ford apologized immediately, said its spokesman. "No one was injured and there was never any danger of a collision"." Nevertheless, the FAA has announced an investigation.

Ford, who has become famous for the hit movie series "indiana jones" and "star wars," among others, has often made headlines in the past with incidents involving his small plane. In 2015 he was injured in a crash landing with a self-piloted small plane.

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