Gardening tips for planting berry fruits

Gardening tips for planting berry fruits

Who wants to plant blueberries in the garden, should note that they love a very acidic soil. Therefore, no lime-containing water should be used for watering. Compost and manure are not suitable for manuring, as they also add lime to the soil. A special blueberry or rhododendrondunger would be the best choice. The soil also remains acidic when mulched with spruce needle litter.

Sunny location choose

Blueberries are to be planted in a soil mixture of sand, sagespane and bark mulch of coniferous woods in equal parts. The hole should be at least 80/60 cm coarse and have a water outlet. The soil walls should be protected with foil, so that no calcareous moisture can migrate from the side and the roots already remain in the presented substrate.
Blueberries do not like a shady location, as is usually assumed, but a sunny one. The best varieties are duke, patriot and the low top has.

Avoid lime even with raspberries

Raspberries should not be planted too deep. It is best to install them completely flat. In the case of a clayey soil, even mounds are to be created. First of all, the roots are particularly sensitive to tillage. A too high lime content leads to the yellowing of the leaves, the so called. Chlorosis. Therefore, it is best if the soil is slightly acidic and has a ph value of 5.5 to 6 at best. Too much lime binds iron in the soil. Iron deficiency is also common in other garden plants such as rhododendron and roses.

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