Election posters damaged in forchheim

Election posters damaged in forchheim

By julia heimberger

Those who drove to work on tuesday morning have already seen them: the election posters smeared with red and black paint in willy-brandt-allee. From friedrich-ludwig-jahn-strabe to dieselstrabe, the election advertisements have been defaced along both lanes of the road. Particularly affected are the afd, the CSU and the freie wahler.

District parliament candidate ulrich schurr (CSU) suspects that the action was directed against the afd and that the paint then ran down the road. Thereby also numerous posters of the CSU became unusable. The photos were apparently shot at with paint bags or a paintball gun with heavily vaporized paint, as the paint ran down in meter-long stripes.

Smeary posters disfigure the streetscape

"This is very annoying and not the right way to express a political opinion", explains ulrich schurr. In addition to the personnel and financial effort required to replace the posters, the entire street image has been disfigured. He has no understanding at all for the perpetrators, but finds the attack simply unprofessional.

State parliament candidate michael hofmann (CSU) also agrees with this statement. Allegedly, some CSU posters were also smeared with swastikas and nazi symbols. For him not comprehensible, apparently the perpetrators had no idea what the CSU stands for. "I feel sorry for the volunteers who put up the posters in their free time and now have to go back to the streets, says hofmann.

"Hitler’s beard" on the posters are disgusting, says hofmann

Two CSU posters with "hitler’s beard" on them he finds disgusting. According to schurr, they will therefore be removed immediately. Together with the CSU office, the two politicians are now considering whether to file a complaint with the police for damage to property.

Dominik pflaum (afd) has already filed a complaint because he is "shocked" by these anti-democratic methods." Since the beginning of the billposting on the first of september there have already been numerous cases of vandalism in the district of forchheim.

Many afd posters in the district damaged

For example, 30 posters were destroyed in buckenhofen, 20 in egloffstein and 30 in bayreuther strabe and willy-brandt-allee in forchheim. "We are therefore currently looking for witnesses who saw the acts", reports the afd state parliament candidate pflaum. The goal for him is a fair election campaign, but the graffiti are an election obstruction.

State parliament member thorsten glauber () takes the color attack in stride. "It’s a pity about the work, I’m also sorry to hang myself, but some things have to be read", says glauber. With humor he takes a curiositat from ebermannstadt: here an unknown has finely cleanlich "with hair and ears" cut his head out of the poster and took it home with him. "It’s totally funny and really cool, laughs glauber and is visibly pleased with his "star cut".

Whole series of vandalism in forchheim

The police department in forchheim, on the other hand, does not think it is funny. The police are currently recording a whole series of property damage to election signs. "Currently, there are a large number of torn, damaged and stolen posters. At the moment the trap piles up and there are more than in previous elections", says deputy head of department robert schaffranietz.

To initiate prosecution, photos are taken and individual posters are seized and kept in custody. If a perpetrator was caught in the act, a comparison could be made on the basis of the colors and thus a guilty person could be clearly identified.

The police will also increase their patrols at night, paying special attention to the election posters.

High prison sentences possible for stupid boy pranks

Anyone who thinks graffiti is a silly prank should know that a prison sentence of up to two years is possible for damage to property. Swastika paintings fall under section 86a of the penal code (use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations) and can be punished with up to three years in prison. The "hitler beard" also is not a joke, but constitutes an insult. This can end with a fine or up to one year in prison.

The forchheim police department hopes for active cooperation from the public. Witnesses who saw the perpetrators or who can provide relevant information are asked to call the police in forchheim at 09191-70900.

FT commentary: "the perpetrators are stupid and undemocratic"

By ronald heck

That election posters are vandalized or defaced, as is now the case in several places in the district of forchheim, is unfortunately nothing new. Practically every election some chaotic people find it necessary to smear, scribble or rub down political posters. The material damage of election advertising is and remains an unding: the perpetrators are stupid and undemocratic.

The smearers and vandals certainly don’t want to see that – but their deeds are not a political statement, but a political testimony of poverty. Those who quietly and secretly deface election posters with hitler whiskers, swastikas and color attacks are not taking a stand against parties, but are denigrating the democratic election campaign.

And now it’s happening again: one month before the bavarian state parliament and district parliament elections on 14. October politicians laugh at us from every street corner. With simple statements and glossy portrait photos, the parties want to convince us to put our crosses in their boxes. Nothing more, nothing less. Admittedly: the flood of election posters with their grinning faces, hollow phrases or deliberate provocations can be a real pain in the ass. You don’t have to like the slogans or the politicians – but you should tolerate them for the short term of the election campaign.

And what remains of the mindless damage to property in the district of forchheim: more work for the police and the voluntary campaign workers. In short, anyone who destroys election advertising is not making fun of the politician on the poster – but of himself or herself.

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