And the schlager lives!

And the schlager lives!

Oh yes, those were the days when florian silbereisen hosted the "festival of folk music" in early 2004 took over. Back then, as a very young presenter, he immediately conquered many a mother-in-law’s heart. In the meantime, the youngster from back then has become a seasoned man and presenter, and the concept of the folk music festivals has also changed drastically. Gone are the days of exciting stunts like naked tubes on hot plates or kissing world records. Because florian silbereisen has a mission now and he can inspire more and more people for it: to make schlager even more popular and to drive the fan numbers up high.
In bamberg, he has succeeded in this in the long term. Well over 3500 fans celebrated with him and his musical guests a three-and-a-half-hour hit party at its best. The spark jumped over immediately and already with the first potpourri of different hits the audience went along and was hardly to be held more on the seats.

Splendid atmosphere

But not only florian silbereisen was celebrated frenetically, also his guests. First and foremost "klubbb3". Without a doubt, the three boys – in addition to florian silbereisen, christoff from belgium and jan smit from the netherlands – were the focus of the evening and provided a variety of hit songs. Whether oldies reinterpreted like "joana" by roland kaiser or self-composed titles like "a tattoo for eternity" – the audience liked it and the atmosphere in the hall was great.
Other guests were "mr. British" ross antony, who presented german hit songs with fervor and passion. But also the two newcomers ben zucker and the "kuken" ross antony the show, helene nissen, contributed to a successful event. The five guys from schweinfurt, the DDC – dancefloor destruction crew – provided the lively moves in between. And of course, old master and "king of mallorca" jurgen drews and his "betting band" were not to be missed at a real hit party jurgen drews and his "bed in the cornfield" missing. At the age of 73, his performance in the second half of the show once again showed everyone that hits can also keep you fit.
As a conclusion, we would like to quote a fan: "it was already a success! The atmosphere in the hall was definitely created by silbereisen." There is nothing more to add.

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